An Incident at Ann’s Diner


Jonathon Kurten was, by all appearances, a healthy-looking man in his mid-thirties. Black hair, with just a subtle stripe of gray running down his right side, neatly tied off into a ponytail. He was of noble decent and held about him an air of attention – attention that always seemed to be getting him in trouble.
Too bad he hadn’t felt the beating of his heart in over five hundred years.
The vampire did his best NOT to cause trouble.
Stepping into the rustic establishment proclaiming itself “ANN’S DINER,” trouble was about to find him.
What is a vampire to do, when all he wants is a bacon cheeseburger?



I enjoyed this short story. I liked the vampire and would probably read more of his story because I’m real curious now as to where the tale is going, and to get to know more of his past. Yep, I’d recommend it. — (US Reader)