Marley: The Other Christmas Carol


Marley’s soul was lost, doomed to wander among the ranks of humanity, generation after generation, without the powers to be humane. The curse of his chains was a heavy one, and there were many a time in which he found the weight of said chains to be unbearable. So this must be perfectly understood: Marley was without hope.
Marley’s lot was indeed a sad one. Misery was his meat, and despair was his drink. Nothing of the earth was his except for the cold fingers of the grave. And it was there that Marley would never retreat. The grave was death!
Marley had no powers such as those given to other earth-bound spirits. He was a wraith – a wanderer. However, upon saving the soul of a dear friend, he was given a haunting. In this haunting, Marley’s powers could not be equaled. However, one foot off the haunting’s property, and his soul would find itself in endless damnation.
Marley found himself trapped, staring out a window, into an ever-changing world. A world he would never again become a part of. A world of love, laughter, sorrow, and pain, he would always be a stranger to.
Waiting and waiting. Hoping to prove himself worthy.




Now here’s a fitting sequel to “A Christmas Carol” that does old Dickens proud. Many have tried, but Don Kirch has succeeded. I look forward to seeing “The Other Christmas Carol” as a movie or a television special. It’s too late for 2011, but you can be sure it will arrive gift wrapped and under the tree in time for the Holidays next year or the year after that! Believe me–I know these things.
John Klawitter, Hollywood Writer/Producer/Director
What a great little short story! We all know the story of Jacob Marley, Bob Crachett, and Mean ‘ol Scrooge. This take on Marley is a present day read about love and loss, a never good enough hopeful novelist husband married to a bread-winning lawyer wife, Tobias their understanding butler, and a sweet daughter and her one Christmas wish. The Kringle family, having just moved to London, are the new residents of the house all of their neighbors call haunted. Weird shadows and noises are heard within and there is a creepy graveyard on the other side of the fence. After a huge fight between her parents, Kathy is awoken to some strange happenings in her bedroom and comes face to face with the ghost of Marley. The events that follow become an eye opener to Kathy’s parents, who are faced with a choice of love or doom. Will Marley be able to save Kathy’s family, not only granting her her Christmas wish but also releasing himself from the heavy chains he has carried as his punishment? Guess you will have to read for your self to find out;)
With the feel of reading an entire novel, Marley is a great novella not only for the Christmas season but any time! Kirch has done an excellent job of bringing a classic tale character into our present day!
Jennifer from Can’




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