“Once he stretched out his hand and Europe trembled.”
Adolf Hitler, the “Supreme Warlord” of Germany’s Third Reich ruled Europe with an iron fist. With his political promises to a desperate people, he spoke of a reign that would last a thousand years. Under his command humanity had entered a new dark age. Tales were told of horrors taking place in the East – of railroad cars, of ovens, and death. Still, there was one little secret he had kept to himself.
When Hitler survived an assassination attempt upon his life his secret was discovered by those in command. Something had to be done!
A German U-boat Captain is ordered to transport Adolf Hitler to a secret military base in Norway, during the closing days of the Second World War. While on this mission, he discovers that there is more to Germany’s “Supreme Warlord” than meets the eye. To his horror, the Captain discovers the Third Reich’s darkest secret: Hitler was a vampire!

REICH (Horror)

Once He Stretched Out His Hand and Europe Trembled!



“Germany is on the brink of losing World War II and an assassination
attempt against The Fuhrer has failed. Somehow Hitler managed to
survive the explosion from a bomb that had been placed within a few
feet of him. On a German U-Boat many miles away, Captain John Meyer
mourns the loss of an old friend executed for the attempt and wonders
when the madness of this war will end. Meyer is old guard military and
distrusts and dislikes the new breed of German soldier bred in the
“Nazi State.” But first and foremost, he is Navy and there is a war to
Meyer’s U-Boat, Naucilus is called away from its duties for a secret
mission to transport a high-ranking Nazi official to Norway. His
annoyance at being called away from his duty turns to fear when the
passenger boards and he learns it is The Fuhrer himself. During the
voyage, fear turns to terror as he comes to suspect that Hitler is
indeed a monster, but one of myth and not man. Meyer now wars with
himself – does he obey the commands of a monster or does he destroy
it? And where he can find allies who will believe in a myth and will
not turn him in for treason for just thinking it?
Mr. Kirch has taken an obscure historical fact and let his curiosity
and imagination run wild with it, taking the reader on a terrifying
submarine ride. The atmosphere weighs heavy, the tension mounts and
the brief glimpses of the monster encourages one to turn on a light.
Mr. Kirch is a master at imagery and phrasing: “Like a tiny steel
splinter the vessel plunged deep into the ocean’s body aware of its
surroundings.” He leads the reader step by step into an improbable
scenario and we are captured by it. Reich manages to both chill and
thrill and confirms what history has always suggested, that Hitler was
not only monstrous, but indeed a monster.”
Rating: 4.5 Tombstones —
I have never been a fan of vampire novels or war stories – but this book I thoroughly enjoyed – C.S. Lamb – American International Pictures
Donald Allen Kirch once again proves his imagination creates worlds so convincing that readers forget there’s any other reality! Not since Joseph Heywood’s, “The Berkut,” has a novel so completely transported me — Craig Haffner, Editor-CREEPY Archives, Writer, “X-Change: Hitler”
Taking an obscure conspiracy theory of what really happened to Hitler, and turned it into an original horror tale. What if Hitler was a Vampire, and not the Sparkly kind, but an evil bloodsucking fiend of the night. Now imagine being stuck on a U-Boat with him. Yeah, it would be scary as hell. The author does a good job of ratcheting up the tension and pays off in the end. The characters are engaging, and the setting is perfect for this story. Anyone looking for a suspenseful vampire tale would be well served by this one. — Audible Listener (5 Star Rating!!)
Kirch delivers up a tale of genuine horror with a perfect balance of suspenseful thrills in his latest creation – REICH! Enter the world of Adolf Hitler at the pinnacle of his regime, and follow the murderous vampire on a dark journey – a passage that will leave you dangling on the edge of insanity…! — Barbara Watkins, co-author of ‘Zodiac Entertainments Honorary Horror Award’ and ‘International Best Selling Book’, ‘Six-Pack of Blood.’
Just finished “Reich,” and it was great! I love how DAK has taken someone as gruesome and horrific as Der Furher and made him even worse. As always, the characters are great. This book is an example of his great imagination – he took one little piece of history, a message in a bottle, and turned it into a fantastic tale — Goodreads.
A year after Hitler committed suicide, a rather cliched message-in-a-bottle was found on the beach in Copenhagen, suggesting he actually died U-boat collision that winter. Donald Allen Kirch’s WWI vampire thriller, Reich, takes this obscure bit of WWII history and runs with it, adding a monstrous twist to the interesting alternate history scenario.
Hitler has been called a monster before, but never quite like this. In Kirch’s tale, he is an old-fashioned vampire – supernatural, demonic, and unrepentantly evil. In public, he puts on a good face, hiding his true nature from the world, yet allowing it to drive his political ambitions. Outside the public eye, however, he lets his monstrous self loose, including yellow eyes, elongated fangs, a thirst for blood, and garygoyle-like wings protruding from his back.
The bulk of the story revolves around Hitler’s secret passage to Norway aboard a German U-boat. As if life aboard a WWII submarine weren’t dark, claustrophobic, and dangerous enough, imagine being trapped under the ocean with a hungry monster. What makes for such an interesting story, however, is the way in which Kirch portrays the German soldiers. He starts the story with a high-ranking soldier who sacrifices his life in an attempt to assassinate the Führer, and then carries it through with a U-boat captain whose first loyalty is to his country and his people, pairing him with a second-in-command who believes in Hitler’s propaganda, but who is a good man at-heart.
The story develops slowly, with only a few glimpses of real horror, allowing the characters (and their conflicted loyalties) to carry the story. Meyer is a heroic figure from the start, and Starger develops nicely throughout the story. Add in a Norwegian clergyman, Donavon, and his daughter, and you have all the ingredients for a good vampire hunt to end the story – complete with a climactic battle aboard the Nauecilus.
Alternately creepy and thrilling, this was a far stronger story than I expected, and one that does justice to the novelty of the concept. — Beauty in Ruins
I enjoyed this vampire tale. Here, the vampire is not the elegant count in Dracula, or the glittering bloodsuckers of Twilight. Instead this vampire is more aligned with the inhuman creatures of “30 Days of Night.” —
I do not know what really happened to Hitler after Berlin fell in World War II. I’ve only read a couple of different accounts of his demise. Who really knows for sure? I do now know that it is possible to paint a picture of Hitler, the man/creature, in face, form and malevolent mind with words…Donald Kirch has done it spot-on in this horrific fictional tale of one of mankind’s worst nightmares.
Kirch is on to something in his portrayal of Hitler, the man responsible for the death and decimation of millions during WWII in our not so distant past. He has creatively introduced us in “Reich” to one of the most cold-blooded killers in, let’s say, a very unique fashion by giving us a view of evil personified. What if Hitler were a vampire?! Just think!!! He could create an army of undead supermen; he could have the 1,000 year reign of which he boasted; he could do almost anything and the outcome of WWII and our world would be frighteningly very different from the one we know today! He could do it all and have it all unless someone were able to stop the apocalypse before it started…perhaps someone on the inside knowing Hitler’s vile destructive secret, someone disillusioned with all of the Nazi propaganda and someone tired of war. How would this someone go about destroying the vampire Hitler and wouldn’t he need help? Who would believe his incredible story and could be trusted with the Gestapo watching at every turn?
After finishing Donald Allen Kirch’s tale, “Reich”, I wanted more…more words, more chapters and more of “Reich”! I really enjoyed this novella and hope Mr. Kirch will one day go back and add even more to his story to make it a huge fat novel…:> I’ll be first in line to get a copy! It is really that good! However, in the meantime, I encourage anyone enjoying a stunningly different vampire story, a tale of good vs. evil, to read “Reich”. You won’t be sorry! — Reader.
What a scary, horrific, suspenseful novel! This book will keep your attention. I can’t wait to read more from this author and find more book read by this narrator. Excellent book worth a credit! — Audible Listener.



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