Selznick’s Folly


Once upon a time Margaret Mitchell wrote a book…and the rest was historic.
Legendary MGM boy wonder, Irving Thalberg once said, “No Civil War picture ever made a nickel.” Producer David O. Selznick was determined to prove that assumption wrong even if it killed him, his stars, and all 3 of his directors; even if it cost him his independent movie studio, and destroyed every relationship he’d ever had. This is a story of old Hollywood and of a world that no longer exists.
Gone With the Wind broke new ground in every avenue of Hollywood’s old empire. It made an international star out of Vivien Leigh, won an unprecedented 10 Academy Awards, and in 1939 was the most expensive motion picture ever made. But it was one crisis after another from the time the motion picture rights were purchased in 1936, until shooting began in 1938. The story of how this motion picture ever got made is almost as epic as the movie itself.
Upon completion of Gone With the Wind Selznick was sure that he had hit the jackpot. But he also knew that every motion picture he made from that time on would be judged on the merit of what the worldwide audience called SELZNICK’S FOLLY.

SELZNICK’S FOLLY (Historical Fiction)

Once Upon a time…in Hollywood.



…This book provides a very accurate and entertaining version of what happened during the making of Gone with the Wind. While reading this book, you can tell that the topic has been thoroughly researched by the author. The book is an easy and fun read, and even though I knew what was eventually going to happen, I didn’t want to stop reading. It’s very enjoyable for people of all ages who are interested in the topic. The personalities of all of the actors, directors, filmmakers are right on the spot…Gone With the Wind Fan Site.




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