Stranger Than Fiction.



“Forget the world that you know…you are about to enter a dimension of the bizarre, where the strange and unusual will guide you down the path of imagination…true stories where the ordinary will be replaced with the fantastic…explore legend, myth, and folklore…brought to you by author Donald Allen Kirch! Stranger Than Fiction: True Stories of the Paranormal.”
This series is dedicated to Alan Landsburg & Leonard Nimoy. NOTE: These “episodes” are narrated by the AUTHOR and ARE DIFFERENT from those on the Audio Book.

Video Case Files

Case #1 – “Flight 19: Mission to Oblivion.”
Could it have been possible that Flight 19 had been victims of a “cat and mouse” game involving an alien intelligence sent out to study the readiness of the military? Could there have been forces involved here that we may never understand? One thing is for certain; Flight 19 is still one of the most famous disappearances to happen yet within the waters of the Bermuda Triangle.

Case #2 – “Strangers at a Train.”
Coincidences are strange and uncomfortable things. They cause us to look back on the actions we have taken in our lives and ponder the question…”Is there more to what we are doing than can be explained?” Long before the famous assassination, THIS little incident bonded the Lincoln and Booth families together.

Case #3 – “The Hope Diamond: Jewel of Death.”
Is the Hope Diamond Cursed? There are those who still say “YES!” One has to look no further than our nation’s history since 1958 when the Diamond was taken into custody. The chaos of the 1960’s? The Cold War? Vietnam? Watergate? The decline and belief in our national self? Will the next victim at death’s door be the United States of America? Keeping one eye on the diamond and another on today’s headlines, who can blame those who still believe in curses?

Case #4 – “Roanoke: The Lost Colony.”
In 1585, twenty-two years before the establishment of the Jamestown Colony and thirty-seven years before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts, Sir Walter Raleigh underwent a fantastic and yet untried adventure. Perhaps we may never actually know what happened to all those unfortunate enough to land upon Roanoke Island in 1587. One thing is quite sure: They should never be forgotten.

Case #5 – “SNAPSHOT! The Story Behind the Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot Film.”
With the sole exception of the Zapruder film, there is no piece of footage more securitized and studied than the famous motion picture shot by Roger Patterson and his partner Robert Gimlin. On October 20, 1967, both men claimed to have encountered an unknown creature in the California forest known to most monster hunters as Bigfoot. According to both gentlemen they were scouting out locations to film a documentary. The encounter, although only seen on film for less than a minute changed their lives forever.

Case #6 – “The Flying Dutchman.”
It has been known to kill sailors, make entire crews disappear, and to force a league of widows to join their husbands at the bottom of the sea. She is…The Flying Dutchman. In all the horror, folktale, and ghost stories one fact has escaped most of us who have heard the legend. The Flying Dutchman is NOT a ship but refers to a stubborn Ship’s Captain, who dared to challenge the gods.

Case #7 – “The Strange Romance of Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel.”
Of all emotions love is the most powerful. It can make us achieve the impossible, and in some cases, do the horrific. It can be both a curse and a godsend. In the case of Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel, it is a nightmare Key West will never forget!

Case #8 – “The Story of the Amityville Horror.”
One of the most famous “Haunted House” cases to come out of North America. Was it all an elaborate hoax? Could it have been just a way to capitalize off a terrible and savage series of murders? Or, was this all for real? Watch…and be the judge.