The Forsaken


In the distant future, religion is against the law, and the Earth is a war-torn world ruled by an insane United Nations. All military forces are put on high alert when an ex-bishop of the outlawed “Catholic Church” decides to steal an artifact called “The Shroud of Turin” to help save the Earth from herself. He claims to have the power to use the cloth to help bring about “The Second Coming” – but what’s even more terrifying: he might just do it!



The Forsaken: The Christ Project – BOOK ONE by Donald Allen Kirch is a futuristic novel with a lot of action, intrigue, and complex characters. It involves a global nation, a corrupt regime, and an artifact. There is tension everywhere and wars continue to cause a lot of suffering. Religion has no place in the lives of peoples and their governments. But then, something happens an ex-bishop steals an artifact The Shroud of Turin and this could change the history of humanity altogether as the artifact could bring about the second coming.
Will he be able to hasten the second coming of Christ and save humankind from itself or will he be stopped by the political powers?
I enjoyed this story very much and especially the powerful themes articulated in this book. The author powerfully demonstrates how the world is slowly drifting to a dangerous form of secularism. The themes are very realistic and contemporary readers will relate to them well. This story is very prophetic. – Amazon Book Review