The Mirror


Bigotry is an ugly and evil thing. What is even more insidious, is when you start to hate the people of your own race.
Kathy wanted to be white. She learned to talk white, walk white, and even had herself a handsome white husband. The only thing wrong with her life was that she had been born BLACK.
While on a shopping trip in New England, Kathy comes across an old curio shop which sells her a “special” mirror. With this mirror she can “See what she wishes to see.”
With sleight of hand, the subtle bending of light, and the realization of truth, Kathy and her husband Robert, learn the frightful lesson of…THE MIRROR.



This was a good story; it puts bigotry in perspective and makes you think about how your views might be perceived. Not really scary; more eye-opening. — (US Reader)