The Seventh Second…


He was a proud soldier of the 6th Army. He knew the fear of Norwegian villagers, saw mothers hide their children as if from a monster, and helped to conquer France. Kurt Stieger was a model believer in the destiny of the Third Reich. He was an instrument of progress. It was his duty to help create living space for Germans not yet born. His heart had never known fear…
That was until…Stalingrad.
Trapped in an ice field of hell, the soldier reflects on all the actions which had brought him to this point. Hunger, pain, fear and cowardice haunt his every move. Death stalks him out, giving only “seven seconds” upon which to reflect the weight of his own sins.



“Struck by the certain inescapable knowledge that he may die at any second, terror racked his body and overpowered his need to vomit.” Loved both the setting in this book and WW2 imagery. Funny how it had been a while since I had read this book, but paging back to the end and rereading the final seven words (which comprise my title) returned the horror of the entire story line to me and one man’s effort to survive the killing grounds of war torn Stalingrad from a German’s perspective. Would most assuredly like to read more from this author and one final passage before I depart “Corpses do not talk in my house, do you hear me?” — AMAZON READER (Top 1000 Reader!)




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