The Silent Pulpit


Father Donavon held within him a terrible resolve. At every church he was assigned there would be several “silent” complaints about his character. He was a good priest and he lived according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Still, there existed a horrid undertone of malcontent and ambition.
The Church didn’t really know what to do with him. If no one would work with Donavon, he was to be given his own church.
Upon taking command of Saint Marcus Church, Donavon entered a bizarre world that only Poe or Lovecraft could have created. An attractive and out-of-place housekeeper named Anna. Donavon’s nightly dreams would flood with images of her lovely body. An old priest named Mavis who held within him a “terrible secret” which could only be controlled with a permanent drunken stupor. Also, a church no one in the neighborhood seemed to remember or worshiped within. Secrets within secrets, clouded occasionally with an overcast of mystery.
Donavon would soon learn the hidden horror behind Saint Marcus, and he would come to appreciate the devilishly insane power of THE SILENT PULPIT.



…Kirch took me from the throes of passion to the depths of hell in the blink of an eye…read “The Silent Pulpit.” It’s simply amazing!
–Terri Ann Armstrong author of “Morning Menace” and “Medieval Menace.”
A priest gives himself to God, marrying the church and devoting himself to the word of the lord, but in Donald Allen Kirch’s novella, “The Silent Pulpit” we are forced to contemplate the cost of such devotion. Author Donald Allen Kirch, who so masterfully created Still Waters, Manchester House, The Christ Project and The Misadentures of Ka-Ron the Knight brings readers “The Silent Pulpit: A Novella” with the same unbelievable detail, horror and historical fact that make each of his novels absolutely brilliant.
Father Donovan enters his new parish hoping to turn around a lost and forgotten church. He confronts the decrepit church with hope, although his gut tells him otherwise. Each day brings another mystery and soon the unexplainable becomes just too much. Father Donovan is faced with a world of horror, which turns everything he believes in into complete and utter terror.
Donald Allen Kirch is an expert at his craft. His historical knowledge and ability to create outstanding prose, with detail that takes you” to the place, to the person and to the circumstance”, in truly unmatched. In “The Silent Pulpit” readers are given a shortened version of the greatness of his work, in the form of a novella rather than a full -length novel. Read this story and I promise you’ll find yourself purchasing the rest of the Donald Allen Kirch library.
~Amanda Goossen, Lit Fest Magazine
“Pray that you never have to enter…”
Seriously! Pray that you don’t!
This book is an awesome, wonderfully detailed and equally scary, frightening short story. My Nook said it was 32 pages and I wished it was longer but it was a novella! Father Donavan finally gets his own church and finds himself at the doors to Saint Marcus church. But once he walks in those doors, life as he knew it will all change. This book will remind you of how scary the devil can be and that even “men of the cloth” face temptations. If this story would of been longer it would of had me reading it in the daylight! Well done Don! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read something that will give you goosebumps!
I love a story with weird endings and this one defiantly ends unexpected. I enjoyed it very much. Looking for a way to kill an afternoon, this is it. —




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